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Born in 1984, Lahijan, Iran  2007 BA of sculpture From Fine Art, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Participation in 4 solo exhibition and 33 group exhibition in Iran and paris

2016 International Art and Architecture Festival BORDERS – Venice- Italy 2016 Group Exhibition-2016 “portrait” Saless Gallery, Tehran, Iran- 2015”Summer Group Exhibition” Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran -2015 Group Exhibition “city of tales 2” Nicolas Felamel Gallery, Paris, France -2014 Exhibition by Iranian contemporary artist, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran- 2014 Group exhibition “Jahan Pahlevan” Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran -2014 Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran -2013 Group exhibition “city of tales 1” Nicolas Felamel Gallery, Paris, France- 2012 Persbook Iranian art Exhibition, House of Artist. Tehran, Iran- 2012 the 5nd Beijing Biennial, Chin -  2011 The 3rd international Stone Symposium, Tehran , Iran- 2011 6th Group Exhibition, Small Sculptures, Farvahar Gallery , Tehran ,Iran 2011 International Sculpture Expo and Photo exhibition , Russia- 2010 the 2nd international biennial Mediteran, Crosia, split

The main theme in my works is about women and their social identity and position in traditional societies. As a woman who was borned and grew up in Iran I have experienced lots  of problems, limitations problems and difficulties which are rooted in cultural and traditional believes in eastern countries specially in Iran as my home country.
I believe that art is a chance to protest against inequalities and can be and opportunity  to make change in society through bringing up neglected problems to public attention.
that's why I have tried to show a kind of protest and disagreement with this situation in my works  and reflect the Iranian society's asks and  expectations for a identical revolution. The subject of my works are based on my personal experiences and all the things I have found out in socializing with other people’s. I have tried to reflects our shared thinks, needs and pains.

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I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater